Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Abbott wants housing prices to increase - WTF?

Oh what a vile, selfish, piece of shit he is. For fucks bloody sake. Because Abbott owns a house he wants housing to increase, despite hardly anybody being able to buy or rent one in Sydney. Unless they have Tony Abbott as their father, or their parents are already house owners in Sydney. 

Perhaps fuckwit Abbott can ever increase my pension correspondingly with housing so we can afford to live in ever increasing priced housing then eh? How about that then Tone? We've just gone 6 days without a fuckin cent because of rent. Glad David's a good cook and can make stuff out of very little :) 

Just lucky too I've been here for nearly 9 years now and the rent increases have been very modest in that time. If we had to leave and rent again privately around here we'd be in real trouble, at least $100 more a week.

Roll on the housing crash I say. I'd love to see selfish turds like Abbott go down.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has welcomed increasing house prices in Sydney on the same day the head of Treasury voiced strong concerns about a developing housing bubble in the country's largest city. 

Asked by Labor leader Bill Shorten about John Fraser's comments earlier on Monday, Mr Abbott said housing affordability was important but that home owners like him would prefer to see house prices continue to rise in Sydney. 

"As someone who, along with the bank, owns a house in Sydney I do hope our housing prices are increasing," Mr Abbott said in question time on Monday. more