Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Abbott's public transport funding

Far out.

BTW, this is from the Lieberal website. To me it reads like it's been written by some kid in primary school:
The Liberals believe infrastructure is about getting things done, not just talking about it. While Labor fails to meet its promises on transport, broadband and other key investments in the future, we will continue to fight for less talk and more action.

Building the modern infrastructure Australia needs

We have an economic plan for Australia – a plan to build more modern infrastructure to boost productivity. We will deliver the modern infrastructure that a first world 21st Century country deserves. You will see cranes over our cities as we get on with the job of building more modern infrastructure, with a special emphasis on reducing the bottlenecks on our gridlocked roads and highways. Big new projects will be underway within 12 months of a change of government. Our big cities are as vital to our economy as our vast resource developments and can be properly considered a critical part of our national economic infrastructure. They are key to the development of a more productive and prosperous Australia. more Lieberal plans!