Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Lieberals fossilise their marriage views

In yet another show of how completely out of step the Lieberals are with main stream Australia, they are digging in over marriage equality. They're not even worrying actually WTF main stream Australia thinks, they're just worrying about the Lieberal party and what it thinks. 

Some are even saying Abbott, the most far right extremist PM I've ever seen in this country, isn't far right enough I guess if he lets marriage equality go through. This must be the born-to-rule mentality that so many Lieberals possess, and that it doesn't matter what the population thinks, just the rulers of said population. In any case, it's looney tunes land.
Conservative government MPs say same-sex marriage is not inevitable and have warned Tony Abbott that he faces a savage internal backlash over the issue, likening it to the devastating split over the ETS which cost Malcolm Turnbull the Liberal leadership in 2009. 

Several right wing Parliamentarians have told Fairfax Media they believe they have the numbers to oppose a free vote, a move that if successful would greatly decrease the chances of the bill passing the lower house. "If you put this to a ballot in the party room, this does not get up," confided one MP. more
If the party room knocks this back again... If the Lieberals single handedly, again, torpedo gay marriage in Australia just because they think they know better than the great majority of Australians, it will solidify in the minds of all those Australians who consider the Lieberals to be fossil fools from the past, that they in fact are

What's more, they'll have to take their fossilisation to the next election, presenting themselves to the people of Australia the fools they are.

Update: Concetta Fierravanti's email inbox is apparently more reliable than a decade of polling. She says the majority of Australians support marriage being just for straight people. An astounding bit out out of touch-ness.