Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It's pension day! Hooray! :)

We made it! Good grief, what a period of diabolical poverty the last week has been. We were $100 down on the fortnight, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it certainly ended up being so. David found a winning $7 scratchie ticket under the lounge yesterday and we felt like we'd won the lottery! It was up to the supermarket and I managed to buy Coles brand pastry, a bag of Coles brand sugar, and Coles brand mince for $7.70. Made a meat pie out of it with potatoes and veges for dinner. Came out pretty good. Without the stratchie win it was going to be spaghetti on toast :s

So all us pensioners are out and about today, supporting the economy buying things like sausages and mince, prescriptions and (in our case) cold tablets. Clogging the supermarket aisles and chemist counters, almost mad with glee at actually having money for a fleeting moment :) 

We got most of the essentials, the spend seems to be about $120 on pension day for groceries. Put away $40 for the gas bill next month, and the auto-payments that come out for the phone land line and electricity come to $80 as well. Next pension I put $40 for the internet for the month. With all that and David transferring $300 from his Carers pension to me and the fortnightly rent going out on Friday, there is $30 left. Enough to get my HIV prescriptions soon and leaving $18 for bits and pieces over the next fortnight.

I handed the control of money over to David after my credit card bit the dust. He used to run a business and enjoys the control of money, unlike me who's money mind never came back after the kidney failure brain damage. I'm glad, he really seems to know what he's doing. He has about $200 left out of his pension and the Carers Allowance of $120 he gets next week with everything paid so far. I'm just happy to help out and have a roof over my head. Takes a lot of stress and worry off me.