Thursday, 2 February 2017

88 mystery deaths to be reviewed as possible gay hate crimes - Sydney

Back in the 80's and 90's there was a spate of gay deaths in Sydney as young gangs roomed Sydney beats after someone to bash and kill. Many of the deaths remain unsolved as little police work was done on them at the time. The police didn't care.

The cases have in recent times been reopened, and now the police are looking at them in a new light and the likelihood that many of them were in fact gay murders.

One example from the story:

The idea that the killing was part of a pattern was not seriously pursued until years later. In 2000, Mr. Page, spurred by letters from a grieving mother, reopened the case of Ross Warren, a 25-year-old television news anchor who disappeared in 1989.

Mr. Warren’s body was never found, though his car keys were discovered in a rock ledge. The police concluded that he had accidentally fallen into the harbor. But Mr. Page found the original investigation had been cursory at best.

“There was no crime scene, no evidence, and no witnesses to Ross Warren’s disappearance,” he said.

Mr. Page began looking into similar cases. In 2005, an inquest concluded that Mr. Warren had been murdered, another man had been pushed or thrown from a cliff, and there was a strong possibility that a third man had been, too.

“This was a grossly inadequate and shameful investigation,” Magistrate Jacqueline Milledge, a deputy state coroner, said of the police handling of Mr. Warren’s death.

In all three cases, she said, the police had failed to account for the possibility of homicide, even though men attacked in the same area who did go to the police had “told of hearing their assailants threatening to throw them off the cliff face.” The three killings remain unsolved. New York Times