Friday, 24 February 2017

Peter Dutton for PM? - Abbott WTF? files (video)

The Lieberals are at war folks, repeating the mistakes of the previous Gillard/Rudd gov. Abbott has gone to the press undermining prime minister Turnbull saying his gov is drifting to defeat at the next election. In doing so he's come up with insane plans to bring the gov back.

He wants to get rid of the Australian Human Rights Commission (in keeping with his christianity there) and also the "theology" of climate change (in other words he still thinks "climate change is crap"). He actually believes that this is what Australians want, and that the Lieberals are drifting too far left and becoming "Labor Lite". Such is the delusion world in which he lives.

Of course this has caused an eruption in the media against Abbott by fellow members of the federal gov. Most notably finance minister Cormann, once a staunch ally of Abbotts, ripping in to Abbott in an interview which he called Abbott's media stirring "sad", the word picked up and used by Turnbull as well against Abbott.

But if that wasn't enough proof of Abbott's psychotic state, rumours are that Abbott is pushing for Peter Dutton to become prime minister, giving him gushing praise. Watch him describe Dutton as some kind of saint or something. What fuckin planet is Abbott on?