Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Rainbow flag inquiry called for parliament - FFS :s (video)

Update: The Australian Christian Lobby is interested in this, publishing the video on their YouTube channel.

What kind of fuckin lunacy is this latest bullshit out of Canberra? The public is paying these people for this crap.

Eric Abetz (staunch Abbott loyalist) has instigated an inquiry into a rainbow flag being put up in the foyer of the dept of finance. He claims it could be taken to represent a political campaign and therefore inapropriate in a gov building, going so far as to suggest if the rainbow flag can be put up, so can one of the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom.

Wrong wrong wrong! This is what's wrong with what the Lieberals have done to the whole marriage equality debate. It's not about a political campaign, it's about human beings like David and I wanting the same human rights as the rest of the population. A human issue, not an issue to be politicised

Unfortunately it has been politicised, and this is why marriage equality has been so stalled in Australia for so long. Stop playing politics with our lives!