Saturday, 25 February 2017

"We've got your back" - NRA head to Trump (video)

I know it's a 20 minute video, but rarely will you see such a display of Orwellian psychotic speaking. It's full of Doublespeak from Trump's Ministry of Truth. A stunning example of the fascist's takeover of the White House, the presidency, and the sheeple following it all. Honestly, I'm loath to use the Nazi thing, but this is Nazi-ism.

I spent the 22 minutes watching this in disbelief and almost shock. It was heavy with propaganda rhetoric, void of reality. It was almost preaching an ideology, using key words and phrases to demonise the left as enemies of the US. 

The most disturbing thing is that this man is a powerful member of the conservatives and holds much sway over the White House. I'm so glad I'm not an American right now, it would scare the fuck out of me.