Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The bible and gays - Ted talk (video)

I know for many of us, like myself, have gone through this sort of research before. Or perhaps not. I was particularly interested in the anti-gay bible thing after spending time when I was a young-un in the United Pentecostal Church, reading the bible three times over three years during getting a bachelors degree in theology recognised by the state of Minnesota. I spent 5 years in the church altogether, in the end becoming a licenced minister upon my return to New Zealand. I left the church soon after that BTW.

Suffice to say I was immersed in religion and the way it was interpreted by those who were elders and teachers in the church. The idea that everything in the bible is 100% true and all scripture must be taken at face value.

Anyone who knows two hoots about the bible will tell you it's a diverse book written by many over centuries. 

A religious book written by nomad outcasts, the first gospel wasn't written until after about 100yrs after Jesus alleged existence and death (and alleged resurrection FFS). How long ago did Elvis die, and how many think he's still alive? particularly with Horus involved

But I digress......

Anyway, although this is all getting common knowledge now, I've never seen it put in such a clear and succinct way as this Ted talk (albeit Horus isn't mentioned).

The bible is not a book about modern times and all the discoveries and social moves forward that have taken place since the enlightenment, after humanity science and common sense took a hold after the church put humanity through centuries of the dark ages. 

Here they are, the Catholic church in Australia, as the royal commission in child sexual abuse nears it's end, that commission saying that 7% of Catholics priests here were child sexual abusers, asserting their so called moral guardianship over denying David and I to be married.