Saturday, 18 February 2017

Trans is a "psychiatric disorder" - gay homocon Milo on Bill Mayer show

Being Transgender is no more a "psychiatric disorder" than being gay was in the 1950's. I personally know people who are transgender and they aren't at all like the fuckiwit Milo purports. They are kind loving people who've gone through so many struggles they're lucky to have not suicided in the face of the society they live (especially the US). 

Those I know have monogamous relationships if they have a partner, and they in no way are predators of any kind. The notion that they are is akin to the notion that all gays are paedophiles. We are not; 99% of us are not. The predominant paedophiles identify as straight.

Would you like a straight paedophile pissing next to your young son at the trough?

The same demonisation that happened to gays over a century, the US Republicans have now moved it on to target the transgender people of their country. Despicable. Here in Australia we just can't understand how they could do that. WTF is wrong with these politicists? It's outrageous in 2017.

So here we have this Milo bloke Who evidently Bill Mayer saw fit to have on his show to freely preach his shit.

I've long unsubcribed Mayer from my YouTube feed after he had that dick head Charlie Sheen get on there and give Mayer a full interview about some herbal remedy that was supposed to cure HIV, Mayer in this case also agreed with Milo about transgender people being a danger in toilets. 

No evidence, opinion.