Thursday, 23 February 2017

An honest story of using Ice (video)

This video isn't about me but somebody else that's used it. They tell their story in the most honest of ways.

That said, I've been there. I worked full time and used it. And no I didn't fall to bits at work, but I did have issues on the Tuesday after a weekend with no sleep. At times I would go from Friday after work to Sunday night without sleep. The dealer was fucking me so most of it was free. Enough said.

I always look back on those times as an escape from reality. I just couldn't deal with life at the time. I've wondered on occasion if I'd still be alive today if I'd not had that escape then? Who knows? I hate to say it but the ice I had along with the sex got my mind off everything for three days at a time, and perhaps it did help me to not top myself.

However I've always been a strong person as far as drugs go, and whenever I wanted to stop I simply did. I've known druggies that couldn't, and I never understood that. I stopped Ice on my own, no help. I just decided I'd had enough.

Today I don't want to go near Ice. Enough was enough.