Friday, 10 February 2017

Climate scientist says latest heatwave "horrifying" - global warming files (video)

Climate scientist Sarah Perkin-Kirkpatrick has described the latest heatwave to hit Australia's eastern states as "nothing short of horrifying". Indeed in the full context of this summer we're seeing an increased number of these extreme heatwaves, which are in fact challenging records only made in recent years.

Could there be any more of a stark contrast between the gov denial that coal is a problem, to our electricity barely able to cope with these increasingly extreme heat events? Morrison's coal stunt in parliament will be remembered in decades to come as the most ignorant and stupid of gov policies. Not to mention they got rid of the carbon tax.

It's been forecast for years that global warming will have a particularly intense effect on Australia, yet we've wasted years of late with the Lieberals scaring the shit out of people over a carbon tax and refusing to even think about transitioning the economy from dirty to green energy. They've politicised the debate to the point they deny reality. 
“This developing heatwave is nothing short of horrifying” said climate scientist Sarah Perkin-Kirkpatrick.

“Much of eastern Australia has seen heatwave after heatwave this summer, with some seasonal records already broken by the start of February. Night-time temperatures have been too hot for adequate sleep and daytime temperatures have been searing.”

Sarah Perkin-Kirkpatrick is a climate scientist who has specialised in studying the causes and dynamics of heatwaves. She is an Australian Research Council DECRA fellow at the Climate Change Research Centre, University of NSW. At the annual Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Organisation conference meeting in Canberra this week she was awarded the Early Career Researcher (ECR) award.

“What is particularly concerning about the developing event is the intensity, where many regions will see a string of extremely hot days with little relief. Much of NSW, QLD and northern VIC will suffer the most, where temperatures will be the hottest, and follow little reprieve from the previous heatwaves.” she said.

“It is important that everyone tries to stay cool. Don’t work, play, or exercise outside and look after those who may struggle to keep cool, particularly the sick, elderly and very young. Unfortunately, this is just a glimpse of the future, as human influence on the climate increases, so will the number and severity of heatwaves and their deadly impacts.” Kirkpatrick warned. No Fibs