Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Brain injured, amputee, denied Disability Support Pension - Australia (video)

You can only assume this gov is about killing people. We've already had a suicide of a robodept victim, now we have further examples of the gov putting people on the unsurvivable Newstart when they're demonstrably unable to work.

In this case a person with brain damage and and amputee. What effect being denied the DSP by a person with brain damage on their mental health isn't known but I'd say extremely predictable; severe depression and all that goes with that. The man has worked all his life.

Perhaps he could now reapply with depression being a factor in his disability as well? 

Whatever the case, I can't help coming back to the politicians and how easy it is for them to get their entitlements. Why can't they go though Centrelink like the rest of us? Why can't they be under the same stringent bullshit as us pawns?

“While I accept that your right, dominant hand is non-functional as a result of the amputation, there is no objective medical evidence to indicate that there is a severe functional impact on activities like turning the pages of a book, using a pen or pencil or using a keyboard or carrying most objects with your functional arm,’’ the officer said.

The department believed he could work at least 15 hours a week in a sedentary role and put him on Newstart.

His wife Sue said there was no way her husband could go to work with his disabilities.

She said she very much doubted an employer would take him on at his age with his medical conditions.

Another setback was he could not drive.

“It’s ridiculous and we suspect it is all to do with the Disability Pension being more than unemployment benefits. DSP is around $725 per fortnight and Newstart is $488 per fortnight.

“He has worked and paid taxes all his life and this is how the government treats him. He now feels disenfranchised. Courier Mail