Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Greens will initiate inquiry robodebt this week - demand shut down (video)

The Greens are wasting no time as parliament resumes for this sitting period, setting about putting together a bipartisan inquiry into Centrelink's robodebt debacle.

With the disaster that it has become, with the mismanagement from the outset, they're demanding the system be shut down. Personally I think gov heads should roll over it.

This from the email:

It’s a new year in Parliament, but we see no change in the government’s ongoing attack on everyday Australians accessing Centrelink, a feature of our social safety net.

Today, on the first day of the 2017 Parliament, I have raised as a matter of public importance for Senate debate the Government’s disastrous and inaccurate Centrelink automated debt recovery process and its refusal to abandon this broken system.

I raised this matter because I’ve heard too many stories of the stress and trauma experienced by people who have been issued erroneous debts notices.

This week I will be working with my colleagues to initiate a bipartisan Senate inquiry. We desperately need this inquiry to get answers on how this program went so wrong and what the real implications are.

Put simply, the automated debt recovery program needs to be shut down immediately.