Friday, 10 February 2017

Lieberals part of far right anti gay group - wishing gay deaths (video)

Christensen (still a Lieberal) and Bernadi (left Lieberals re mission from god)
Larry Pickering
Bernardi and Christensen are to be speakers at this insulting group, who's recent fund-raiser saw this come from speaker and cartoonist Larry Pickering:
"Let's be honest, I can't stand Muslims," said Larry Pickering, cartoonist and VIP guest at the Q Society fundraising dinner held in Sydney on Thursday night.

"If they are in the same street as me, I start shaking."

Then the cartoonist, who had donated for auction one of his own works depicting the rape of a woman in a niqab by her son-in-law, softened slightly.

"They are not all bad, they do chuck pillow-biters off buildings." Sydney Morning Herald
Lovely. I guess it was meant as a snide joke or something coming from a cartoonist? Oh hardy har har.... What a laugh eh? Joking about gay death hate crimes in Muslim fundie lands.....

Ex Lieberal minister Ross Cameron also spoke at the event. Along with, would you believe it, Angry Anderson. What a fuckin prick. I feel a record burning coming on! I remember Angry Anderson way back in the 80's and 90's represented on telly as a good bloke. Well isn't he showing his true fuckin asshole colours now then?

The event was emceed by singer Angry Anderson, who kept the crowd amused with a constant patter about his ex-wife ("She said I was a violent man because I ate red meat, but that's a story for my next book…").

Other VIP speakers included former Liberal MP Ross Cameron and crime fiction author Gabrielle Lord.

Mr Cameron, who has a television show on Sky News, constantly mentioned homosexuality in his speech. Sydney Morning Herald