Friday, 3 February 2017

White-House gets our PM's name wrong - twice

Trump appears to have recovered from his phonecall tantrum at Australia, or he's been pressed to back off with the rhetoric with a close ally. Honestly, WTF is his problem? He was the quintessential loud obnoxious fat pig ugly American, where it's got to be his way or no way. Personification itself of America the bully. World leaders just don't speak to each other like that.

They at least get the names right too. Watch here as the new press guy pronounces Turnbull's name wrong twice

The White-House has become Fawlty Towers.

Also, Trump keeps inflating the amount of refugees. It's about 1,250, yet see how Trump blows it out to more than 2,000.

"1250 [people], could be be 2000, could be more than that. I said why, why are we doing this? What's the purpose? So we'll see what happens." ninemsn
What a nut.

So we should call home our military fighting alongside the US in Syria then? Or tell the US we won't go to their next stupid war? Or tell them to get Pine Gap off our turf?