Monday, 6 February 2017

Push within gov free vote marriage equality - conservatives cling to plebisicte

There is currently a push from back benchers in the Liberal party to allow the Lieberals a free vote in the lower house on marriage equality, something that marriage equality advocates have been wanting since before even the plebiscite was invented. Not surprisingly the lunar right conservatives (the usual culprits) are dead against the idea, simply saying that the plebiscite is party policy and shouldn't change as it would be breaking a pre-election promise.

Being as they've never worried about that before with anything else, this excuse is certainly that; a woefully sad attempt at an excuse.

A group of Liberals in support of same-sex marriage is leading a push for the government to ditch its plebiscite policy in favour of a free vote in parliament. The backbenchers are reportedly working to bring the issue to a head in the next fortnight.

They argue once the proposed plebiscite date passes and a Senate inquiry into the bill is handed down in mid-February, the Liberal party room should rethink its approach to the issue.

On Sunday, Sydney independent MP Alex Greenwich - co-chair of Australian Marriage Equality - said federal Coalition MPs should be allowed a conscience vote on same-sex marriage, as pro-equality campaigners turn up the heat on the government.

“All we are asking is for MPs who support this reform, and there are many within the Coalition, to be able to exercise that right that they have,” he said at the launch of a marriage equality advertising campaign in Sydney. The Guardian
Meanwhile, Christensen laments that the party isn't conservative enough (WTF?) warning things will become untenable if the party doesn't become even more wing nutty. Using the same excuse about a free vote being bad with gay marriage.
Both Mr Christensen and Senator Abetz are resisting a push from Liberal Party moderates for the government to hold a free vote on same-sex marriage without a national plebiscite.

Mr Christensen said the government needed to stick with the policy it took to the election.

"If this government goes down the road of breaking its agreement with the people that we made that we were going to do to a plebiscite, then, you know, the show's over," he said. Sydney Morning Herald
Bizzarely, Trumbling Turnbull has seen fit to blame opposition Labor leader Bill Shorten for Australia not having marriage equality, because he listened to us LGBT who didn't want lives lost in a viscous publicly funded plebiscite little more than a platform for hate (among other things):

Bernadi has already thrown in the Lieberal towel and will form his on wacky ultra conservative party, riding off into the wilderness on a mission from god. 

In his latest newsletter, Senator Bernardi foreshadowed a "testing year" for the Government.

"Unfortunately there are too few in our body politic willing to take the path less travelled — a trustworthy track that has fallen out of use," he said.

"For the sake of our nation, we must get back on track."

Writing last year on his time in the US during the election, Senator Bernardi said "politics in Australia needs to change".

"My time in the USA has made me realise I have to be a part of that change, perhaps even in some way a catalyst for it," he said.

"Exactly what direction that will take is still a work in progress but there is one thing of which I am certain — I hope you will embark on the journey with me." nine.msn