Thursday, 16 February 2017

Gov threatens tax hikes if $4billion welfare cuts are blocked (video)

Well here we go. Us on welfare who dare to pay rent and eat, will be further demonised by this gov as the cause of tax increases.

The gov has chucked a hissy fit about it's $4billion cuts to welfare getting shot down in flames in the senate, and threatened Australians with tax increases unless the senate changes it's mind and passes it's cuts. Such is their so called negotiating skill :s

No word however on the $50billion it want to give to corporations, or that the gov is spending like 10 Labor drunken sailors. No word on their fiscal incompetence. Nothing about getting rid of the carbon tax and mining tax. Nope, they want to gouge us welfare dependents to bail them out of the mess they've gotten themselves into.

"Obviously, in the final analysis, if the Parliament were not to pass spending reductions, if the Parliament were not to legislate savings, then we need to ensure that we bring the budget back to balance and that we pay for government spending then, of course, tax increases become the only option."

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said it was a "penetrating glimpse of the obvious" that "those who oppose savings measures are by definition supporting tax increases, if you assume that they want to bring the budget back into balance".

The government argues that the NDIS was an "empty promise" not fully funded by the former Labor government.

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen accused Mr Morrison of having a "massive tantrum" in response to its Senate difficulties.

The pathetic irony of the government threatening tax rises when they are also promising a $50 billion tax cut for big business seems to escape this government," he said. The Age