Saturday, 25 February 2017

Slovenia gets marriage equality, while Australia still waits

Whilst Australian LGBT continue to wait for the Lieberals and Turnbull to recognise our human rights, marriage equality is moving forward in other countries. Some to the great embarrassment of Australia which is still lagging behind the modern world. It's shocking that in 2017 David and I are still considered second class citizens under the marriage act, when Australia used to be such a forward socially progressive country.

The latest country to get marriage equality is Slovenia. I didn't even know where that was apart from eastern Europe and had to look it up. 

Yes folks, Slovenia has beaten Australia to marriage equality, whilst Australia is held captive to the far right bitter middle aged white christian back benchers of the federal gov.
Slovenia permitted same-sex marriages for the first time from Friday under a law giving gay couples largely the same rights as heterosexuals though barring them from jointly adopting children.

The head of the unit in charge of weddings in Slovenia's second largest city Maribor, Ksenija Klampfer, told Reuters the first lesbian wedding would take place there on Saturday.

"We are very happy and proud that we will perform the first same-sex wedding. We believe that such marriages are an important step towards formation of an inclusive society where people have equal rights," Klampfer said.
A number of other European Union states have legally recognised same-sex marriages, including Britain, France and Spain, but the issue remains contentious in many other EU countries. Reuters