Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Bad news from doctor today - kidney problems again :(

Dialysis machine from my acute kidney failure 2010
Feeling pretty stunned at the moment. I thought that just maybe the kidney problems I've had were perhaps all behind me. But then again my condition is classed as "chronic kidney failure" so I guess it would be logical to assume that problems still remain with them.

I've not been well at all lately. The intense back pain was one thing, but I've been feeling weak and off colour, and a couple of times have fainted on to the floor after feeling really dizzy and weak. Nurse David has been a big help getting me lying on a lounge and breathing properly.He came with me to the doctors the other day just in case I dropped in the middle of the street or something really dramatic. Was good him being there as he was able to say what he observed when it happened that I don't remember. All I knew was that I felt dizzy as hell and all the strength going from my body, next thing I'm coming to on the floor.

So the doctor took blood and today told me the bad news. There's different indicators but the only one I understand is the creatinine levels; the amount of toxins in the blood. The normal level is around 90-100, my results were 165. Being as they've been near OK in very recent years a sudden elevation like that is a real worry with my history of acute kidney failure.

So he's taken more blood and I have to see him again Thursday, hopefully it hasn't gotten significantly worse. It may have had to do with me using Voltaren like mad on my back for the back pain (an anti-inflammatory albeit only a cream applied) or I may have been dehydrated because of the very hot weather we've had this summer.

I have to see a kidney specialist again. I chose to see one at the same medical centre rather than wait trying to get in to the kidney clinic again at the hospital. He bulk bills the likes of me on the DSP so it's free (actually all this has been free). Some professor guy there on Mondays. Probably best to keep my health care all under one roof so to speak.

David's quite worried. I want to get my will all finalised, just needs signing and witnessing. Not that I think I'm going to die, but as I nearly did a few years back from kidney failure I'd feel much better if it was done.

The good news is that my HIV remains undetectable and CD4 count over 800 :)