Saturday, 18 February 2017

Midnight Oil have reformed for a world tour! *faints* - video


Midnight Oil, compete with Peter Garrett and his maniac moves, have reformed for a world tour, complete with all new songs singing about what there's a lot to sing about presently! *faints*

Peter Garrett way for a time my local member in the Kingsford Smith Electorate, but he joined Labor to do that and was a totally hopeless sellout back then. I could tell so as most of what I pulled him up about near the end where just form letters without I heart in it. He resigned after Rudd took over from Gillard as he said Rudd was some kind of megalomaniac or some shit and he just couldn't work with him again. Rudd lost the election BTW to Abbott....

But now he's gone back to his roots, making protest through the Midnight Oil band and all that involves. I'm so looking forward to this!

This is one of my favourites from times past:

Midnight Oil - US Forces by jpdc11