Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Milo problem.....Ugh!

I'm so disgusted with this man I don't know where to start. I only post the video of him to show what he said (there are others BTW).

His latest bla is that he's trying to gloss over and apologise for using his free American speech to endorse paedophilia, but to me that's unacceptable. The guy needs to humble up and get some serious psychological help.

One of the most galling things that he said was that paedophilia among gay men and 13 year old boys was going on more than anywhere else in society. That may have been his experience in his personal life, but it's not the experience in the gay world. Did the priest identify as straight?.....

For him to say, in his media position across the globe, that paedophilia is more common in the gay world than others is false and treasonous to the LGBT. How dare he! It perpetuates the lie that gays are paedophiles, the lie that has seen us demonised for untold times in history. It's not true, as the video below shows (which I will post yet again for the benefit of those who may not have seen it before). Saying gay are paedophiles is one of the lowest insults I've ever come across, after bringing up my daughter. Vile on so many levels.

He has made his popularity out of being a troll and using "free speech" to offend people for his own entertainment and clicks. He has thrived on demonising others (like transgenders who he recently said were suffering a psychological condition). He's taken great celebration in doing so. Are we now supposed to accept an apology from this sicko asshole trying to save his career?

The LGBT will be the last to feel any sort of sympathy for him. He's used his far right politics to have a go at us; if you have a go at one section of us you have a go at all of us. That's how the LGBT works. Queers stick together no matter what our queerness. Across the world. 

This guy is some kind of mentally twisted fuckwit who's used the modern media to make his own insulting fame. He's a fleck on the skirt of the LGBT. He's not one of us. He's mentally ill needing treatment, and not at all worthy of the position he's managed to get.

I'm sure there would be many other Milo type people in therapy. They just haven't had the drive, tenacity, and pure luck to end up where Milo did. I hope none of them ever do.