Thursday, 9 February 2017

Spilled wine on my mouse - now it's stuffed :s

I'm having a serious plastic brain crisis here today. Last night we were drinking a $9 cask of Aldi wine (ie. pensioner alcohol) when disaster struck. I bumped the glass the wrong way at which point about half of it's contents spilled directly on to my mouse, totally killing it. 

I thought if I took the battery lid off and let it dry out overnight it would be fine. But nope. It seems laser mice don't like wine. 

So now I'm having to use that impossible pad thing below the PC keyboard until I can get a new mouse tomorrow. Not happy. Feels like my right hand has been chopped off. Keep reaching for the mouse, but it's just laying there, dead as a door nail.

The pad thing is really weird. Sometimes it opens things without me telling it to, just to fuck with my mind I expect. And it takes forever to get to the part on the screen where you want to click. Good grief, how did they work computers before mice?

To make matters harder the PC is plugged in to an extended display, so at times I've got to travel across two screens to get to where I want. *sheesh*