Thursday, 23 February 2017

Discrimination issue with bouncer update - further snowball

I'm supposed to keep all this confidential, but fuck that. This isn't a big blog and I'm quite happy to update the situation on my little corner of the internet. I will however not mention the name of the pub in this here post; those who've been reading for a while will know which one I'm talking about on Oxford St.

So things have been moving along in the past 3 or so months with the anti-discrimination board. 

To recap, because David was barred over more venues after the homophobic thug bouncer discriminated against me (saying to David "You can come in but I'm not letting that fag in" referring to me) and David was involved in a shouting argument with said bouncer post that, the bouncer then got him barred at other venues at the top of the Oxford St "gay mile". The anti-discrimination board has deemed that as victimisation, and made it a second complaint along with the first incident.

They contacted the pub where the first incident happened which replied, the letter of reply being forwarded to us in snail mail. It was mostly rhetoric about how wonderful the pub was, as well as the wonderful bouncer who the management couldn't imagine such behaviour from such a saintly person. It included lies that David had been at the pub earlier that day and was too pissed to be admitted (he wasn't, which we produced the Opal bus record of when we both got to Oxford St that day) and he was allowed to come in anyway. It was me refused entry not him

There was nothing addressing the pelting down the road at David making us think he was going to hit him, with the other bouncer stopping him.

The letter, as well as trying to smooth over the incident, attempted to demonise David by saying he'd been trouble there before (WTF?) and that David in the yelling argument was just the sort of behaviour that they didn't want him to do. Again, David wasn't refused entry, I was. David has been going there for 20yrs and has never been refused entry or barred from another drink.

Needless to say my reply to the letter was particularly factual and cutting, after the initial hysterical laughter just about picking myself up from the floor. I ended the letter with the words that a friendly pub (let alone a gay friendly pub) would listen to it's long term clients and try to resolve the matter to their satisfaction, not double down against them siding with a thug bouncer.

And finally, the pub has been forced to inform the anti-discrimination board of the company that the security guard was from, along with the names of those on duty that night. Hence there are now two more complaints along with the discrimination and victimisation associated with the pub. The two more complaints are to the security company that the bouncer is employed at. 

The board has now contacted said security company after this guy, wanting a written statement of his version of that night. Being the thug he is I'd guess that might be quite a challenge, as I think his knuckles are dragging on the ground.

He's going to bloody shit himself. No sympathy here. I hope he loses his job over it. He's got no right to be working as a security guard IMO.