Friday, 10 February 2017

NSW faces energy shortage in latest heatwave

106F for those in the US
It's another very hot day in Sydney, in fact a 121 year record breaking day. The previous record for days over 35C in eastern Sydney was set way back then at nine summer days. Today it's the 10th day in Sydney's east this summer above 35 degrees.

New South Wales is therefore facing a possible shortfall in electricity as people turn on air conditioners. Unbelievably, the suppliers don't tell who's about to be cut off, the power just goes off without warning.

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has forecast a potential shortfall in generation capacity in NSW during hot conditions over 10-11 February. If directed by AEMO, Ausgrid will be required to interrupt supply to some of our customers. This is likely to happen at very short notice. If it does, we will try to minimise disruption for our customers and provide as much information as we can. Affected areas will be shown on our power outages map.

We have also reviewed all jobs that require power to be interrupted to customers over this period, and cancelled planned outages at Ashfield, Haberfield, Kitchener, Lemon Tree Passage and Merriwa. Our emergency crews are ready to respond if there are any other unplanned power interruptions. Ausgrid
Meanwhile, in some sort of completely bizarre Orwellian nightmare, Treasurer Morrison bought a lump of coal into parliament and mocked the Labor opposition for being fearful of the global warming consequences in the continued use of coal. Yes, he really did that. 

I myself had to go to get a new mouse today after the unfortunate wine incident with the last one. The short walk to the bus stop was like an oven, and then when I got on the bus the driver had the air conditioning hardly even on. Everyone was sweating like mad, but it was only a short trip so not too bad. It was another older bus coming home as well but the air was at least on high.

As it's an old double brick house we're in too, it takes a while to heat up inside on a hot day like this. We've just had fans on through the day and it's OK. Best to leave windows shut to keep the heat out. Zac has chosen the bedroom in front of the fan, is actually relatively cool in there.

Morrison mocks Labor over concerns about global warming