Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Robodept: "Just contact Centrelink" - Brandis :s

What an astonishing display of ineptitude and being hopelessly out of touch with average Australians, by George Brandis last night on the ABC's Question and Answer. After all the public furor about robodept and people being unable to get through to Centrelink over it, often waiting hours on hold, and after a 20yr old man suicided over it, Brandis says if you want to question the debt "Just contact Centrelink".

There was immediate laughter from the audience, but Brandis seemed unaware of why and kept going, digging himself in further and further. He goes on to say a bit later "Or you can visit your local Centrelink office"!

Far out. Is he on drugs? Does he not realise that Centrelink will send you home telling you you have to ring up or do it on line? Does he honestly think that you can casually call Centrelink and get through within minutes?

I think politicians should have to go through Centrelink to get their entitlements. Why not? It's public money. Let them suffer under the microscope like the rest of us plebs.