Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A world of back pain

It started 3 days ago, this being the third. Felt some discomfort in my middle back to one side and by the next day I was pretty much crippled with pain. Hard to say but I think it got worse yesterday, or at least it was a worst day. Felt like I'd been stabbed or something. Hurt to breath and a cough was agony with sharp intense pain shooting. Lying down seemed to make it hurt more, with a couple of nights back me getting only a half hours sleep from it. Moving about the house was also very hard as just the slightest movement the wrong way and I'd be shouting out in pain.

This morning I'd managed to sleep most of the night thankfully, and the pain seems slightly duller than before. I'm hoping I'm through the worst of it. 

Seeing my doctor tomorrow (I have to as I need a few prescriptions) and that will definitely be a thing in the visit. There was a while back too this happened, I put it down to some kind of severe muscle spasms. They can be extremely painful, but this pain is bloody out there.

Pain is very isolating I noticed yesterday. Suddenly my whole world was about this crippling pain and I retreated into myself, human interaction became outside of the pain bubble I was in. Must of been the expression on my face, David kept asking "are you OK?" Didn't want to worry him but being a nurse he was quite aware of what I was experiencing.