Thursday, 4 June 2015

My new blood pressure pill is out of stock - WTF?

I had made it to pension day yesterday with just enough of the pills "Tarka" before having to get another prescription for them. Was completely run out and needed it that day. It's an important one as my blood pressure goes bananas without them in a rather short time. However the pharmacy informed me they had been out of stock of them for some time. Some kind of problem with the supplier.

Good grief, I've never come across this before. How could a supplier let such an important pill as this run out?

I went to a different chemist across the road. Same thing there. They'd been out of stock of it for a while. Tarka had tanked it. Fuck, if I couldn't get them I'd have to go see my doctor as soon as possible to get something else. What a fuckin hassle.

I then went to the Chemist Warehouse up the road, and luckily enough they had one box left. Whew. 

Anyway have made an appt next week to see the doctor about it. I can't be fucking around with this pill if the supplier can't supply the bloody thing.