Wednesday, 3 June 2015

"Silent majority" don't want gay marriage - Lieberal "social cohesion" minister

In another spectacular show of just how much out of touch with Australians the Lieberals are, their minister for "social cohesion" (whatever the fuck that's supposed to be), pictured, has asserted that a "silent majority" of Australians will reject marriage equality. 
The "silent majority" of Australians will reject moves to introduce same-sex marriage, according to the Abbott Government frontbencher responsible for social cohesion. 

Conservative NSW Liberal senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells believes allowing a conscience vote on the issue would be perceived as a "cop out" and might lead to a disconnect between the Liberal Party's base and parliamentary wing. 

"I do not believe there is at the grassroots of the Liberal Party any overwhelming support for a change to such a fundamental bedrock issue," Senator Fierravanti-Wells told the ABC. more
Presumably this silent majority has been so incredibly silent that they've been silent 

on all opinion polls for the entire last 8 years. One would think that if this was such a huge issue with the "majority" then the "silent" ones would caste away their silence early on and speak up to the pollsters, especially if said polls were providing a big push for equality. Surely they'd want to make it known the so called true opinions of Australians?

Or have all the polls, provided by different companies since 2007. been wrong? Did they not ring the right people? Was there something wrong with all their methodology? Did their random phone calls not contact the righteous? This is a question that they should direct to the pollsters themselves, as it's the pollsters reputations on the line to get their polls correct as to what Australian's opinions really are. If they'd gotten it so wrong, they'd all be looking seriously at going out of business. Laughing stocks.

Apparently though there's some silent people unbeknown to the pollsters who haven't actually been rung or talked to in any way, who are the majority of Australians, who are about to jump out of their silent closet now that they see their silence has been disingenuous to their cause? 

If we're to believe this, then why has the Australian Christian Lobby been so loudly and vocally opposed to marriage equality for all of this time?

My assertion is that if the Lieberals continue on this path of denial then they will deny themselves relevance to Australians even more so than they've done by electing Abbott to be their leader.