Sunday, 12 May 2013

Day one post the move

David has arrange the bedroom amazingly. He has all kinds of unique furniture and decorations. Very good with his eye too, could have been an interior decorator. I was really surprised at how fast he unpacked his stuff and set it all out. Certainly a change from my just chucking stuff everywhere. We still have to pick up the odd little table and his telly, he wants it in the bedroom. Is bigger than my bedroom one. 

The cats slept pretty good in the room, although one escaped last night when I went to the toilet. Got a text at 4am from daughter telling me the cat was in her room. She's still in hissing mode, but David reckons she'll get over that in a week or two. Being as she's the oldest at 17, it appears she's making herself known and that she's not gonna put up with any shit. Daughters cat (Felix) is just super excited and keeps trying to get in to see them, don't think he's seen any girl cats before. We've had him since a tiny kitten. Daughter is watching all this unfold laughing about it.

The two girls used the kitty litter fine too through the night. That's always a big thing for me. Nothing worse than a cat that pisses or shits on the bloody carpet. Once they start they just never stop. We'll see how we go with the food. David's cats share a food bowl and Felix has his own. He reckons Felix will be eating with them after a bit. I dunno. Anyway got to go buy some cat food today and proper bowls. Ack, they were eating out of old ice-cream containers before coming here.

They like the bed as well, very luxurious being new, with electric blankets and sheepskin underlay. Plenty of room to run around the house as well. They keep exploring as it's a big old place.

Glad to say David seems to be fine here too. He keeps telling me "You got me now", ha ha....

I'd post a picture of all three cats, but blogger is still having some kind of drama with uploading pictures. The upload thing just hangs there and nothing happens. Even tried uploading it to my flickr photos and putting the URL in of that, but blogger didn't recognise the URL. Oh well I guess it will sort itself out at some point.