Monday, 1 June 2015

Pell's 60 Minutes nightmare - church official says his position now "untenable"

Pell's position in the church is described by the churches "commissioner for the protection of children" Peter Saunders as "untenable", whilst Australian 60 Minutes revisits the topic of Pell that they originally blew the lid off some years back. Saunders is also demanding that Pell return to Australia and front up to the Royal Commission into child sex abuse.

Mr Saunders has told the Nine Network's 60 Minutes program that Cardinal Pell should be sent back to Australia and should fulfil a moral obligation to front the royal commission into child sexual abuse.

He said the position of the cardinal was untenable "because he now has a catalogue of denials".

"Given the position of George Pell as a cardinal of the church and a position of huge authority within the Vatican, I think he is a massive, massive thorn in the side of Pope Francis' papacy if he's allowed to remain." more

BTW, Abbott in 2013, WTF?:  
He added: “I suspect that it wasn't just the church that didn't handle these things well.