Monday, 1 June 2015

A close encounter of the lazy rich person kind

I'm sure this isn't indicative of rich people in general, any more than a lazy poor person is indicative of poor people in general. I tell the story to illustrate the point simply that lazy people come in all shapes and sizes and are not exclusive to one section of the community.

So I go to the bank this morning to prove my ID (see previous post). To do this isn't a simple thing at the front counter, but I have to go into a cubicle with a person behind a big desk, in this case a nice lady. I explain the simple thing that needs doing and she sets about logging into the computer and finding me in there. We start chatting through this as I get out the required ID.

She's a recently graduated university student in something or other, and has been working for only about a year. She relates fondly how fun uni was and how much she'd like to go back there if she was able. I asked how she was enjoying work. She replied:

"I don't want to work. When I was at university my parents paid for everything and I didn't have to worry about anything. I would like to go back to university if I could. It was so much fun there."

I was momentarily speechless, followed immediately by a few seconds of severely biting my tongue. A smile was out of the question. 

So there you go, a lazy rich person. 

As I said, I'm sure she's not how most rich people are. Any more than a lazy poor person on welfare isn't how most poor people are