Friday, 7 June 2013

Aust. gov wipes it's hands of Assange


The Canberra politicians have once again shown their lack of courage. In a move that I would call spineless, the foreign minister Bob Carr has decided Assange doesn't need any assistance from his own gov. 
The Australian government has washed its hands of Julian Assange as prosecutors at the trial of US soldier Bradley Manning have openly targeted the WikiLeaks publisher as a conspirator engaged in espionage.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr has told a Senate budget estimates committee that the government would make no more representations to the US on Assange's circumstances because his case “doesn't affect Australian interests”.

Senator Carr's declaration that he would not “over-service” Assange's consular needs came after US military prosecutors left no doubt that they regard the WikiLeaks chief not as a journalist dealing with sources but as a conspirator in the theft of classified information. Read more

Never mind that he's been locked up in legal limbo for ages, directly concerned with the view the American gov has of him as being an enemy of America.After the illegal way they've treated one of their own citizens Bradley Manning over the whole thing, it's no wonder Assange has concerns about being locked up by the American gov for years without trial and facing in the end a kangaroo court. The US leaves no doubt:
US prosecutors made repeated references to Assange this week, alleging at the opening of Private Manning's trial that the WikiLeaks publisher had directly encouraged and aided the soldier's massive leaks of classified documents. 

The US has alleged that Assange conspired with Manning in the theft of classified information, including advising the soldier on "finding ways to browse SIPRNET [a secure database] anonymously”. Read more
Meanwhile Manning has been nominated internationally for the Nobel Peace Prize.....

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