Saturday, 15 June 2013

Sleeping badly

Last few nights, on top of the odd nightmares that affect my mood the following day, I'm getting sort of fidgety and can't get comfortable. My legs seem to be aching a lot, which is causing me to fidget and move around all the time. Dunno what's causing them to ache. Am I so old now that my legs ache? Or is it simply the result of working on my feet for 30 years with heavy lifting? Fuck knows, but it's taking me ages to get to sleep. Although holding David helps a lot. 

Got to go see the doctor soon for some prescriptions. Maybe he could help out with it. 

Am still getting nauseas sometimes in the mornings too. Today spent most of the morning in bed trying not to throw up after taking the pills. Would get up out of bed and feel so sick I'd have to lie back down again. Might ask the doctor for some Maxalon.

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