Thursday, 20 June 2013

Coalition member will cross the floor

Perhaps some of the frustration in the community is finally seeping through to our so call representatives in Canberra?

Soon there will be a vote on recognising the marriages of same sex couples entering the country, and one on discrimination for older gay people. Senator Boyce of the Coalition says she will cross the floor if Abbott doesn't allow a conscience vote on the issues.
Liberal senator Sue Boyce is preparing to defy her party twice to support legislation that protects the rights of gay and lesbian Australians. 

Senator Boyce told Fairfax Media on Thursday that she was prepared to ''cross the floor'' to back two bills – one which recognises the marriages of gay and lesbian Australians who wed overseas, and another that bans discrimination against gay and transgender residents of Commonwealth-funded aged care homes. 

While the Coalition will reject both bills, Senator Boyce said ''in both cases I support the proposed legislation''. 
The Greens' bill to recognise in Australia same-sex marriages performed overseas is being debated in the Senate on Thursday. Read more
Why the fuck something so innocuous as those two bills would be opposed by the Coalition party is beyond me. Is this the sort of LGBT obstructionist bullshit we're going to have to cop when Abbott becomes our glorious leader?

Anyway good on Sue Boyce. At least there's someone in the Coalition with a back bone.

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