Saturday, 22 June 2013

LGBT reaction of the Exodus apology

Not many seem to think the apology of the Exodus gay cure organisation is good enough. This one puts some real perspective on how little and too late this apology comes. There's a lot of anger out there and for very good reason. Listen up Christians, maybe some of you can join Exodus and turn your back on your hatred of us:
You have to be careful what you speak or put into the world, because one day it will manifest itself into a monster to bite you in the ass. Mr. Alan Chambers, is now full of remorse, with those that have taken their lives on his hands and has given his “apology to the LGBTQ community” a few ruined lives too late, but welcomed by all none the less. 

We in the LGBTQ community, Mr. Alan Chambers, will show you the true mercy of God and forgive, cause we know those lives will hang over your head and many others within your organization for the rest of your lives and one day you will have to explain to OUR God why. 

The result of so many organizations and evangelicals preaching hate towards LGBTQ people has only pushed them away and have not done what Jesus has called on preachers to do. Personally I remember very well as I sat watching my grandmother's favortie evangelical preacher, Jimmy Swaggert, at the time. I was nine years old. In my heart I knew I was different and probably in the LGBT group that Swaggert spoke against as he pointed his finger into the camera and said, you homosexuals, God hates you and there's nothing you can do from burning in hell, nothing. God hates you. I wish Swaggert could know the pain of that nine year old child, on bended knees, crying at the top of my lungs begging God not to hate me? What had I done so that he would hate me. A couple of years later when he was found with a ten dollar prostitue it finally hit me, no man is without sin. 

Yes this is a Victory, but a solemn one, as we can only imagine the countless lives ruined by bigots holding the Bible and using God’s name in vain. more

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