Friday, 14 June 2013

Prepare for life under Abbott

Yes, the Abbott apocalypse is almost upon us. There will be much gnashing of gay teeth and anti-depressant dose increases. Although the latest bullshit coming out of the Coalition is indeed appalling, I don't think it's going to help Gillard. Her gov has been too far behind for too long.

But take heart darlings, the end is not nigh. Same Same has published a guide of how to survive under the apocalypse, from beginning to after the federal vote in Sept. 
No LGBTI person in their right mind can possibly vote for the Coalition, especially not under Tony Abbott. Put them LAST on all ballot papers: the ONLY excuses I will accept is if you are: 

>Congenitally incapable of voting for anyone else by reason of insanity, and 

>The Coalition candidate in your constituency has, prior to the ballot, given a binding written pledge to cross the floor to support LGBTI equality, including full equal marriage, regardless of any position they might hold in the incoming government. more

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