Sunday, 9 June 2013

Life begins at 50!

Well, it seems us older people (over 50's) are getting out and about so to speak, more than other age groups. Yes, it was somewhat of a shock to me darlings to realise that being 51 I am now in an age group that is being a touch more promiscuous than any other, at least here in Australia:
Older singles - older than 51 - are more likely than other age groups to have unprotected one-night stands or have sex on the first date, contributing to a dramatic rise in sexually transmitted infections, a survey last year by dating site RSVP in association with Family Planning, called the Date of the Nation Report, reveals. 

Heidi Zuegn, the owner of the Newtown sex shop MaXXX Black, said the company had seen a ''strong increase in the number of seniors coming to us for advice on a number of issues - from general sexual health to sexual confidence, technique and of course, products that enhance their sex lives''. 
''It seems you are never too old to experience something new - but that also comes with risks that weren't present when many seniors were first out and about,'' Ms Zuegn said. Read more
I was really surprised at that. So much for the notion that all us 50's and up sit around at home all day remembering the good old days. Rather we're getting it on baby!

Unfortunately it has led to rather an increase of STI's amongst said age group. Remember all you fellow over 50's out there, condoms are still the best way to avoid getting infected.

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