Tuesday, 11 June 2013

NSA: Everyone's a Terrorist | Brainwash Update

Far out. This NSA thing is bloody big. Obama is looking like a complete fool on this, with video going back to when he promised exactly the reverse. Makes me wonder what Australia has going here as far as surveillance goes by the gov. If a country like the US, supposedly the cornerstone of western democracy, can end up under such outrageous and illegal surveillance then it probably wouldn't take much to keep an eye on a mere 22 million people. 

I wonder if my audience is going to increase by the NSA snooping on me here? I think I'd be quite flattered to gain such undivided attention off the US gov. I also wonder if I'd have already gained attention from the NSA if my dummy spits about the US gov were blogged from within the US itself and directly under the NSA jurisdiction? You know what a danger us leftie, gay, HIV positive people are you know.....

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