Friday, 28 June 2013

Bloody sick today

Had a bad night last night. Woke up middle of the night and my stomach was going completely bananas. Tried all the usual things, Eno and acid pills, which sort of helped a bit but not much at all really. Lay there for about 2 hours burping and trying not to throw up (I fuckin hate spewing). Have only just managed to get up and stumble around the place. In the shower felt short of breath for some reason unknown to man. Went back to bed for half an hour after it just to lie there and calm down a bit. Every time I got up I felt really dizzy and went back to bed again.

David's been spewing a bit too. Fuck knows why we're sick. It's just horrible feeling this way. Am gonna stay home today I think. Is another cold, raining, dark and depressing sort of day in Sydney again today....

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