Saturday, 8 June 2013

Kidney clinic visit

Renal Clinic went fine the other day. Got there early and did the two urine samples needed and was examined by the nurse. Surprisingly my blood pressure was fine, only 125 over 90. That's very low for me, maybe the blood pressure pills are working finally. My GP will be very happy with that as he was having a bit of a stress about it last time I saw him. Gotta go see him soon as I've just got the last repeat on the blood pressure pills.

Got in to see the specialist at the hospital on time, and he wanted to know what meds I was taking at the moment. Gave him the new list since I've started back on the HIV pills again. Right now it's pretty much steady as she goes with the kidneys, as they're functioning OK considering what they've been through. I go and see him again next year. He was surprised at the blood pressure result too. 

MY GP is doing the blood tests since the last time I saw him, and sending it to the specialist. Much easier for me that traipsing to the hospital and getting it done at the blood clinic there.

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