Thursday, 6 June 2013

Renal Clinic

I completely forgot about my appt at the Renal Clinic for the kidneys. Looked on my appt card and saw I'd missed it and rung them a couple of days ago. They had rebooked me but it was only with the Registrar, and the receptionist decided to switch it to today so I could see the specialist himself. Haven't been in ages as last results were pretty good and they were fine with seeing me after some time.

It's a bit of a deal. Is at the hospital so is rather a reminder of when I was in there half dead. The dialysis rooms are only just down the corridor a bit where I was going three times a week. The specialist is one of the doctors in suits that came and saw me in Emergency on the day I was admitted. Lots of people scratching there heads at that time as to why my kidneys had completely failed.

BTW if you're interested in reading the whole story about that, I took my computer in there and posted about it here afterwards. It's in the sidebar under "Other Pages", or just straight there with this link. I can't read it as some of it's too painful to remember.

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