Saturday, 1 June 2013

Moderately better

Not going gangbusters but am feeling improved somewhat today. Had diarrhoea through the night after the great stomach upset. Up and down to the toilet. Still feeling a bit queasy but am actually able to drink a cup of coffee this morning without throwing it up. Backs been sore about half way down, which is a bit unusual for me as normally it hurts around my shoulders and neck. Sore around my liver, not sure if it's just a muscle thing or if my liver is spitting the dummy at me about the rather over supply of beers put through it other day.

Told David, fuck I don't wanna have another day like that again, and to tell me to stop if I look like I'm going overboard. He  just laughed and reckoned I was unstoppable. Hmmmmmmm........ So I suggested just giving me light beers if my eyes are looking too glazed over. I think that would work fine. Is only about 3% alcohol isn't it? The beer I drink is 4.9% alcohol full strength beer. 

In any case this sick experience has been a bit of a learning curve. I'm no spring chook anymore.

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