Saturday, 29 June 2013


Feeling somewhat better today. Still a sore stomach through the night, but I was very careful with what I ate and didn't have too much. Took a couple of acid pills through the night and they worked OK this time. Couldn't wake up in the morning, fell back to sleep all the time. Ended up getting up about 10am I think. Wandered out to the loungeroom and David says "He's up!". I guess the sleep was after feeling quite weak at the end of yesterday from it all.

The worst was the night before. The pain in my stomach went through to my back, making my head and shoulders ache, along with my legs that have taken on a different ache all of their very own. Felt like my whole body was hurting.

David was tired too. He worked yesterday and was a touch short tempered in the evening. Wasn't the best of days overall, but we survived ok :)

Got to go up the road for a prescription later and a bit of shopping. Is still raining, cold, dark and depressing weather here in Sydney......

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