Sunday, 9 June 2013

The People's Voice

This looks interesting. 

I think they've reached their goal for fund raising to get it happening. If this whole thing does go forward then it'd be a shining example of the old main stream media (MSM) losing interest from the people, and the new media coming to the fore. The internet provides the capacity to go outside the square.

He's right you know. How often in the west do we hear the voice of corporations instead of from our own society? How often do we hear from people that the MSM is full of shit? Like sweet treacle, everything censored and broken down into easily digested slime. Don't think, don't react, just sit there in front of the idiot box and be entertained in this fake sweet world created for us. Just be a good, well behaved little pawn citizen.

The People's Voice website.

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