Sunday, 30 June 2013

Violence at Russian gay rally

I was amazed at this little 10 minute video of the violence that just happened in Russia during a gay rally. Whoever thinks gay people are scared weaklings should perhaps broaden their view of gays by watching this. 

For example, I'd be pretty scared taking a stand in front of this mob of nationalists, complete with the statutory priest of course in the front of the thugs (although I am wondering what happened to his stool?). 

Here's the video.

And a report about it: 
“After the complaints of local residents, representatives of the local administration and the police warned the protestors that their protest was illegal and asked them to leave,” a police spokesperson said. Police officers then broke up the protest and arrested dozens of gay rights activists, the spokesman added. 

The Russian LGBT network said on its Facebook page Saturday that several activists were beaten up by their opponents during the event, and more than 50 were held by the police. Eight of the anti-gay activists were detained as well, the police said. One of the police officers was injured while trying to detain an anti-gay activist, local Fonatanka.Ru news website reported. The Field of Mars is the city’s 

“Hyde Park” where demonstrations are allowed without special sanctions. more

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