Wednesday, 12 June 2013


It's a cold raining day in Sydney. Has been overcast for much of the last week or so, and a chill in the air. Have been feeling a bit strange last few days. Having weird nightmares and not being able to shake off the mood from them all day. One of them has repeated a couple of times; that I'm on some kind of train with a lot of other people and we're trying to escape someone or something pursuing us. Dunno what it's all about but both times after having that dream I was in a down mood all day.

Let David knew how my mood was/how I was feeling. I find for me it's better to simply let people know what the story is and that I'm not much company at the moment, rather than pretend to try and be happy and cheerful. At least they know what's going on and will understand me being quiet or sitting alone now and then.

Said to David I just have to ride it out and let it pass. Gonna get days like that after all I've been through. Nothing good or bad about that, is just the way it is.

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