Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Cold in Sydney

Only spent one night over at Simon's house sitting place. Sydney is having a major cold snap, with overnight temps at only 6 degrees (Celcius - 43 F). That may sound rather warm in some countries, but most houses here just aren't built with such cold in mind. No central heating, and only plug in heaters in various rooms. At home here I light the gas stove and it helps heat up things very cheaply. 

Over where Simon is though the house isn't even brick, and has polished floorboards with no carpet. No heaters in any of the rooms except for the lounge room when your watching telly. I was surprised as the lady who owns the place is evidently very well off. So all we had in the bedroom was a single electric blanket (on a double bed) and each other to keep warm overnight. The temp went to only 6 outside, with a howling wind off Botany Bay, along with overnight rain. 

I spent all night either freezing cold on one side of the bed, or hot and sweating on the other moving close to Simon and the electric blanket. (I sweat because of the HIV, even when I just start to get a bit hot). Then it'd be uncomfortable so I'd move away and be freezing, damp with sweat on the cold side of the bed. Today I was feeling quite sick, headache and aching muscles, like I was getting a cold or something more perhaps. 

Although I said I was going to spend another night I decided against it and rung Simon, telling him I felt terrible and just wanted to go home to bed after work. He came and got me and took me home, agreeing that he too was surprised at how cold that house was and how little heating there was in it. He stayed here at mine for a few hours, and it turned out we had a great old time in bed here. 

The cold is definitely adding to his depression. He said that this morning he was miserable for hours as he just couldn't get warm. I told him he's welcome to come here any night and stay for a while in my warm bed. Of course he's still looking after that dog over there so is a bit limited with time. I haven't yet bought up the subject of Sydney and all, but now he reckons he likes Sydney. So fuck I dunno. Perhaps I should just forget about it for now and see how we go.

Got a call from the hospital yesterday, Infectious Diseases (the HIV doctors). I had an appt for next month, but they want me to come in end of this month for more blood tests rather than wait until then. I didn't ask them why as I was at work and didn't want to be discussing the details of my health in the middle of the shop floor. But if they've found something else wrong I'm not sure I even want to know. I suppose they're just doing their job and it's likely nothing major.

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