Saturday, 18 June 2011


The cat has an appt with the vet today for it's yearly checkup. Nothing big, some vaccination they give her and a general check. Have done it every year when they send the reminder letters so I don't see any reason to stop now. Costs about $80. Last year they said she was very healthy, but her teeth may be a problem in the future, so I had to buy special cat biscuits for teeth. And she was a bit overweight. She doesn't get a hell of a lot of exercise, but I did cut down on her cat biscuits. 

Simon is stopping by to take her in the car. Last year I walked her around, it's not far, in her little cage thing. It's the same vet where I bought her from as a kitten, and the people there a interested to see how one of their cats is going living locally. Getting her there walking though, she didn't feel heavy at first, but fuck felt like my arm was going to drop off by the time I got there. Appreciate the ride in the car this time.

Have said before I dunno where I'd be now without that cat. She's the most affectionate and loving cat I've ever known. Strange as it seems, sometimes I wonder if at times the cat was the only thing that kept me here. The thought of the poor thing meowing over my dead body was a bit much to take.

In a bit of a funny mood the last few days. With work especially it's been a bit strange. Seem to go from making the big effort to not giving a fuck. Not sure if it's depression, perhaps more like a sour mood. Simon picked up on it yesterday, thought I had the shits with him about something. Explained that no, I was just in a sort of strange quiet mood. Reserved. Not talkative. Almost brooding. Don't think I'd have realised had Simon not mentioned it.

Suppose it's nothing. See the head doctor (psychologist) in a couple of weeks, so maybe he'll come out with some gem of psycho analysis to explain my mood.

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