Monday, 6 June 2011

I dunno...

Simon spent the night here last night. Evidently as the friend of his who owns the dog he's looking after does shift work, the dog is fine at home overnight. We'd had a meal and a few beers at a pub near Oxford st, and decided to just spend the night at mine rather than the extra hassling around with buses. There's much more buses to my place than where he's staying. He couldn't drive as he'd been drinking and he left the car at his. 

So we ended up here, both rather beer-ish. It was lovely to have him in my bed again. Lovely to be able to hold him and sleep close to him. Lovely to fall asleep in each others arms. To wake up together and be so close to each other. I could have stayed with him all day in bed, but had to get up for work. 

He wants me to go spend a couple of nights over where he is. Easier I guess with the dog. I just can't get it together with what to take. My head is just fucked. I'm going to have to ask him to drive me home tomorrow and help me do it. Can't sort it out in my head. Hope he's OK with that.

Dunno where to go with the whole Simon thing. He seems like he just doesn't like Sydney, doesn't want to live here at all. Wants to go live somewhere else where it's more exciting and different. I dunno. I told him I'm not willing to quit a job of 12 years to try and find work elsewhere. I personally like Sydney. And who's going to hire an HIV+ worker who's turning 50 shortly anyway? Work has been very good to me over the years, it's a company that looks after it's workers (for whatever reason).

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